Teamwork with empowered supervisor

Leaders present a compelling vision of the future so that subordinates embrace transitions and transformational activities that enable a company to maintain a competitive edge (Duggan, 2019). Thus, a supervisor of any team can play an important role in institutions’ structure as they are the bridge between the company's senior managers and individual staff. That means, without the talented and efficient supervisor, the link between the management and individual employees or teams will be lost and that may affect the overall performance of the company. So, many teams, such as sales, communication, finance, etc. cannot function well without an effective supervisor.

In my opinion, there are several reasons for achieving the best result, if there is a empower supervisor. The team will perform better if there is an efficient supervisor who is keeping the team's confidence high and ensuring they are doing productive. Whilst the long-term objectives are decided by the upper management of the company, the short- team targets are usually prepared by the supervisor. Further, since the short team objectives are more visible and easier to achieve, staffs feel like they are working hard and it pays off if they meet the targets. Every supervisor is aware of his/her team and knows how to set the best targets in order to achieve the best results.

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