How religion matters in Marketing?

Religion is a systematic set of behavior that guide people about human behavior. And of course, it impacts purchasing or consumption of goods. If I take the example of Hindu, in which religion, the cow is considered as a Mata (forms of lady god), so it is strictly prohibited to murder and use a cow as a meat source. Even, you probably don’t know, in Nepal where I originally came from, the murder of a cow is considered a crime, and those who committed has to go to prison for more than a year. So, obviously using beef is restricted from both religious and government sides. That is the reason, once in 2009, McDonald, which is known as a beef sandwich restaurant, tried to introduce a branch in Nepal, but the government of Nepal did not authorize it to open. Personally, when I go to a restaurant, I also check the menus through whether it has the beef contain or not and asked the clerk to verify.

                              Photo by Pablo Rebolledo on Unsplash

Another example of the impact of religion on marketing is Halal meat. Islam believers do not eat ordinary meat instead they always seek Halal meat everywhere. By giving the above examples, I would like to emphasize that religion matters in the market and it has a significant impact on the company’s profit. So, a clever marketer always segments marketing in these group and lunch its marketing

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