Have your personal challenge this year.

 I have asked you a question yesterday. “How many of you have the courage to challenge yourself?”

This post has been seen by 383 individuals so far. But, very few have replied with the goal and one of them was there to correct the grammar. I appreciated him as well.
I believe, even if you have a self-challenge for this year, but you did not want to share with me. And, that is totally fine. The only purpose of this was to encourage you to find your own path and be a friend who can appreciate your progress.
As you know, a little but constant effort matters to our success. If you start something today and do as little effort every day, it will be multiplied by 365 after a year. Remember 1 is multiplied for 365 times, it remains 1 but 1.01 is multiplied for 365 times it will 37.7. So, start today and make an impact.
At last, Joyce Meyer said, “We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges”.


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