Will machine dehumanize the managerial workplace?


It is inevitable that machines and artificial intelligence have been using not only for the operational, but also for the managerial level as well, and the trend of using them in that field is increasing over time. Some people argue that it will eliminate human’s participation in managerial activities, and some would agree that it cannot. I believe machines and self-learning algorithms will be used extensively in the business, but they cannot completely remove human participation from managerial activities.

To begin with, companies have been using machines in production and the result is impressive. Computers and robots are more precise, and can-do thousands of times faster than humans. Due to technical innovation, robots and computers are made with artificial intelligence, which even can learn from their own mistake and improve the work quality next time. Furthermore, it carries heavier items from one place to another and puts together various parts in a manufacturing line and paint products. Therefore, the businesses are implementing the machine in work massively. One of the examples is Amazon, which has 200000 robots in its warehouse (Koetsier, 2022). The robots helped to deliver 350 million different products in an unceasing flood of billions of deliveries.  Fast and free shipping is one of the competitive advantages of Amazon being pumped by automated machines.

However, I truly believe that no computer, robot, or artificial intelligence tool can completely dehumanize the work, especially the managerial activities. One of the key components of managers is to distribute the work duties among the team member, so a manager is to be seen as an authority. Yet, do you obey the instruction and guidelines that a machine gave to you on your work? Of course, you would not, at least I don’t. So, why do we think machine rules over humans? In order to improve production, employees need to be motivated, and a manager not only instructs them but also motivates them to perform better. We all are human and we cannot work as the machine does, and it is true. Also, we do have various problems in life, such as family, vacation, sick, and so forth. In order to motivate people, a manager needs to have the same feeling as other people have so that he can relate to them and make a decision in the employee’s favor. Which, as far as I am concerned, a machine cannot do, so the machines cannot dehumanize in the managerial role.

In summary, many people would believe that machines can replace humans at work. It is true in some cases, such as carrying a heavier item from one place to another or working on something that requires perfect precision. The machine also can help with scanning something that humans cannot. However, from a managerial perspective, it is not practical to use machines in managerial work, because they cannot work as authority over humans. At least in one place, a real human is needed to operate the machine. While managers need to share the responsibilities with other team members, the team member will not obey the instructions given by the machine.



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