Why Leaders fail during organizational change process?

As far as transformation is concerned, there is always a major percentage of failure rather than success. An article written by (Carucci, 2018) claims that more than 70% of change efforts fail. There are many reasons why an organizational transformation process failed. Among all reasons presented in the book (Palmer, Dunford, & Buchanan, 2017, p. 317), some authors agree with the lack of resources and some with lack of leadership. In my opinion, a lack of leadership would be the top reason for failure.

Change begin and successfully complete while there is a new person in the organization who can see the need for change, and has a good leadership skill. The one who puts more effort makes sense of urgency and makes staff motivation effort, can successfully lead the organization. Leaders stand for vision, and if there is no vision, the organization is not changing. During the change process, a leader needs to communicate clearly the big picture of the future to customers, stakeholders, and employees. The organization’s goal which is basically more than 5 years and has a clear frame of purpose can navigate the organization and why change is needed. Without a clear vision, change effort can be melt with the list of confusion and an incompatible project that may lead the organization in the wrong way or nowhere at all (Kotter, 1995). It can be said that without a clear vision and a good leader, even a departmental vision cannot succeed. For example, either the reengineering project in accounting or 360-degree performance appraisal won’t add value to the organization.

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